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OTE Group of Companies was chosen, through an open public international tender, as Private Partner for the Project “Development of Broadband Infrastructure in “White” Rural Areas” for South Greece.

Due to this project, ΟΤΕ Rural South, which is a Special Purpose Company (SPC), has been established operating since October 2014. Its objective is to develop next-generation broadband infrastructure (NGA) in “White” rural areas in southern Greece and provide wholesale telecommunications services via this infrastructure. The implementation of the project follows the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) scheme, between OTE Rural South, OTE and Information Society. ΟΤΕ Rural Southis a 100% subsidiary of OTE Group of Companies.

The network development focuses on the so-called “White” rural areas in the Greek territory, in geographically delimited areas of intervention, which include mountainous, insular and disadvantageous areas consisting of remote settlements, in which no broadband access is provided and for which no plans for private broadband infrastructure investment was in place.

Within this framework, OTE Rural South provides three types of wholesale services to the country’s telecommunications service providers. These services are the following:
Access to optical infrastructure, provision of Ethernet-based leased lines and provision of Bitstream services.
Through Bitstream services, Telecom Retail Providers are able to provide high-speed Internet and voice services to their end users (residential and business) in more than  1440 “White” settlements, located in the Prefectures of Achaia, Ilia, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Heraklio, Lassithi, Rethymno, Chania, Argolida, Arcadia, Korinthia, Lakonia, Messinia, Pireus, Dodecanese, Viotia.

The development of OTE Rural South network is funded by the European Regional Development Fund in the framework of the Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework (PA) 2007 – 2013, 2014-2020 and the Agricultural Fund for Rural Development in the framework of the Programming period (RDP) 2007-2013 and the Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework (PA) 2014-2020, as well as by Private Expenditure.
The project is implemented in the context of the Operational Programs “Digital Convergence”, “Rural Development of Greece”, “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPAnEK)” and “Regional Operational of Macedonia and Thrace”.